I was SO happy when I read the article "Miami City Council meeting progressive," by Melinda Stotts, in last Sunday's News-Record covering a range of issues facing the city and bringing us up to date. All these issues are important to us as citizens and we are fortunate to have City Council members who work hard and give of their time to us with no pay.


The one main issue that is close to my heart is the future City of Miami Animal Shelter. It will be a dream come true that my late husband, Kent Ketcher, hoped and worked for from the first day he became a councilman, then mayor and continued until his death in 2013. This project would not be possible without many people stepping forward and making it happen; and to them I want to express my deepest thanks. I realize there are always other places the money could be spent and it is my prayer that we can find ways to cover them as well. But who will step in and care for these unwanted animals if we don't? The shelter is something the City desperately needs as well as the citizens - not to mention the rescued dogs and cats.


Each animal at a shelter has a story; some were thrown out of moving cars, some were dumped on city and county roads, some were mistreated and abused, some were abandoned to fend for themselves, some were tied to trees, etc. The shelter will be their chance for a new life where they can hopefully find their "forever home" and be adopted by a loving family. I am so pleased that the city officials are addressing this issue and moving forward. I can't thank you enough for realizing this need and not forgetting what a shelter will mean to all of us who love animals and want to see them cared for.


Kent and I spoke in the past with many citizens who indicated a desire to contribute to the new shelter. I hope this is still their intention and they will do so - I already have. "A man's soul can be judged by the way he treats his dog."


Yvonne Ketcher