MIAMI— The new Neece Concrete Construction facility is halfway completed and plans to open in the spring. The new location is on an eight acre plot of land off East 100 Road.


The office and shop will be a total of 10,000 square feet, with 2,500 square feet of office space and 7,500 square feet of shop space, which will house Neece's equipment, tools and trucks.


The half a million dollar project was planned for more than three years.


“We’re almost to the point where it will all be dried in,” said Zeb Neece, CEO of Neece Concrete Construction. “About 60 percent of the roof is done on the metal building and about half completed on the office structure. Shingles will be put on the office portion tomorrow and then we have some transition pieces to the metal building to the wood structure. Then, we’ve got the downspouts and gutters.”


After that, the next phase of the construction process is to tackle the electricity and central heat and air.


“By the end of this week, we’ll be ready for our heat and air trade,” Neece said. “We’ll be ready for electricians to do their wiring and we’ll also be ready for interior insulation. Those three trades will be next. Once the electrician is done, our sheetrock will go up.”


The construction has been a collaborative effort from the entire Neece crew, with contributions from each employee.


“Everyone has been working on this new facility, and we’ll continue until it’s done,” Neece said. “It hasn’t been the same group of people working on the facility every time. We’ve had different crew go out there. Everyone has had a part in it. Before it’s all said and done, even my kids will have a part in it.”


Neece Construction designed its own building plans and has been working on the new facility since it broke ground in early August.


“We came up with our design and what would fit our needs the most,” Neece said. “We felt like the metal building structure was a good way to go for our shop and the traditional stick frame on the office. It’s a great way to build and is very efficient.”


The massive amounts of rain have put a damper on the construction process, pushing the opening date back.


“I was hoping to have been where we are at now two weeks ago, but the weather has slowed us down with the sheeting on the metal building,” Neece said. “When you’re dealing with those big sheets of metal, the wind is the biggest issue. For safety and not wanting to tear up the new building, we haven’t been able to put the sheeting on.”


Despite the rainy weather, the winter has been very mild, which ultimately works in Neece's favor.


“We’ve been pretty fortunate, really,” Neece said. “I was looking at the weather we were having last year and in November, we already had snow. The warmer weather helps us out there and the work we do as a business. The weather is definitely one of the biggest factors.”


If everything goes according to plan, Neece hopes to open the new facility in the spring of next year.


“We want to be completed in March of 2016,” Neece said. “All of that is depending on weather and will depend on the workload of our trades. We’re pushing and keeping to a schedule. Our driveways and parking lots may come a little later down the road, but the structure itself, I hope to be moved into by March.”


The new location will make it more accessible for Neece employees. Currently, the business works out of three different locations, one is located at 136 D Street NE off the truck route, the second is a leased property behind that location and the third is storage space a few miles outside of town.


“Right now, we have things kind of spread out,” Neece said. “This will be more convenient for us. We will have one central location with everything in one place. We’re really excited about that part of it.”