At the request of attorney Jim Thompson for the Robinson Trust, plans for the local General Motors automobile dealership to build a new dealership facility can move forward after approval was given to rezone six acres of land to Commercial-5 for that purpose.

The City of Miami's Planning Commission members met Tuesday and unanimously voted to reclassify the six acres of land located within the city limits of Miami on the east side of North Main Street (U.S.Highway 66 and 69) across from G.A.R. Cemetery and north of the Akdar Shrine from residential zoning to commercial.

Thompson said the dealership will be located on the south end of the property 700 feet from the Akdar Shrine using 450 feet of highway frontage.

The City's Engineering department provided maps and information to the planning Commission members present, Gary Reynold, Fay Culver, Neal Johnson and Rob Kimbrough. They answered questions about the project along with Thompson.

Thompson said that they sent out any required notices to residents in the 300 feet radius required and received no response to the rezoning request.

The Robinson Trust still retains 79 acres at this location that will remain as residential zoning.