VINITA - Will Rogers Middle School eighth grader Alyssa Hammons became only the second runner from Miami to take first place in the Verdigris Valley Conference cross country meet Tuesday.

Hammons posted a time of 6:26.23.

“She has put in a lot of hard work this fall,” Miami coach Bruce Rhodes said.

Becca Stewart was the first Miami runner to capture the honor two years ago.

“Our middle school girls competed well as a team,” Rhodes said. “Coach Levo (Chuck Levo) has been working with the eighth-grade middle school girls and I could tell it in the way that they performed.”

Lexi Shelton was sixth overall with a time of 6:45.1 and Taylor Fields was eighth at 6:49.1.

Times for the other WRMS girls included Kinzie Buffalo, 18th, 7:30.3; Krystin White, 19th, 8:02; Chelsea Wallace, 20th, 8:11.7, and Connor Flick, 21st, 8:36. Mandi Schmelzer had a time of 9:36.08 but did not place.

Diarmid McMillan was 17th in the middle school boys' division with a time of 14:41.6. Ty Anderson was 24th at 16:42.2.

Sarah Rhodes was ninth in the high school girls' division with a time of 13:55.99.

“Sarah ran so much better than she did a couple of weeks ago at Vinita,” Bruce Rhodes said. “She knocked 14 seconds off of her time. “Ivan (Wong), Jacob (Brewer), and Trey (Roberts) got a better start, which enabled them to finish in the top half of the pack.”

Wong wound up 13th overall with a time of 20:25.6. Roberts and Brewer were 14th and 15th with times of 20:33.3 and 20:34.7, respectively.

Times for the other Wardogs included Dillon Lasiter, 22nd, 22:24.1; Eli Marquez, 23rd, 23:15.2; Blake Hecksher, 25th, 25:29.2; Brandon Newell, 26th, 25:30.2; Jimmy Wilkins, 27th, 30:22.7; Graham Brassfield, 28th, 30:22.8, and Derek Wright, 29th, 30:25.8.