A former Miami police officer waived his preliminary hearing and is due in court Monday to answer to charges of indecent exposure.

James Gambill Jr., 48, pleaded innocent in August of last year. He is accused of masturbating in front of a Miami woman while he was sitting in a patrol car.

A state investigation determined that Gambill met the woman while she worked at a local convenience store.

The woman told authorities that she had multiple encounters with the officer in which made sexual innuendoes, including an early morning incident on June 4 when Gambill allegedly drove to a local convenience store where she worked.

The complainant said t Gambill asked her to come to his car. When she approached the window, she allegedly found the officer sitting in the driver's seat with his uniform shirt unbuttoned and he naked from the waist down.

Gambill reportedly returned to the store the following day to apologize.

Investigators with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said they later recorded a conversation with Gambill in which he admitted that he wasn't wearing pants when he drove to the store on June 4.

Gambill resigned from the police department on July 26, two days after charges were filed against him.