A 25-year-old Miami man was found dead inside his vehicle early Tuesday morning, according to police reports.

Authorities say the body of Joshua Spurgeon was found in the driver’s seat of his Chevy pickup near the bridge at Riverview Park.

A couple driving through the park told authorities that they attempted to make contact with Spurgeon, whom they were acquainted with, and when he did not respond they drove to a relative’s home and asked her to come back to the scene with them.

When the witnesses returned to the scene, they opened the truck door and found Spurgeon “blue and cold to the touch.”

Witnesses said they called Spurgeon’s mother and then called 911.

The state medical examiner determined that the cause of death was suicide.

According to Miami Police Chief Gary Anderson, a rubber hose was found attached to the tail pipe of Spurgeon’s vehicle that ran into the cab of the vehicle, filling the vehicle with exhaust.