Ottawa County’s Emergency Operations Coordinator is asking county officials to consider a $3,300 purchase of a single, 800 mhz radio to be used by his office.

Frank Geasland made the request Monday at the regular meeting of the county commission, citing that communication with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Miami will be difficult without the high frequency unit.

The City of Miami and surrounding law enforcement and emergency departments, through a homeland security grant, recently upgraded their radios, effectively establishing a statewide communication network that can escape the interference of lower-band radios and other communication devices.

Geasland currently carries a high-bandwidth radio, however, it is the property of the Wyandotte Volunteer Fire Department. Jodi Fancisco, chief of the Wyandotte department, said the radio should not be used in service to the county.

“I understand that,” said Russell Earls, chairman of the Ottawa County Commission. “I agree 100 percent with his thinking,”

The commission tabled the item for further discussion next week.

In other matters regarding his office, Geasland said he will be updating the county’s emergency operations plan, establishing mutual aid agreements and defining procedure for emergency management at the county level.