PAOLA, KAN. - Several members of the Dagenett family will travel to Paola, Kan., Saturday for the unveiling of a bronze bust that is being erected in honor of their ancestors.

The Miami County (Kan.) Historical Society, with cooperation from the Swan River Museum and Paola Heritage Committee, are paying tribute to a couple who founded the tiny village 150 years ago.

Baptiste Peoria, the first chief of the Confederate Tribes, and his wife, Mary Ann Issacs Dagenett Peoria, will be memorialized as the couple who gifted much of their property to the Peoria Indian village.

A five-and-a-half foot granite pedestal will be placed in the historic downtown Park Square to display a 2-foot bronze bust of the Chief and his wife.

The Park Square area was gifted by Chief Peoria to the Town Company, previously known as Peoria Village and now Paola, with the stipulation that no building will ever be built on that site.

The landmark historically was where Indians gathered for socializing, games, parades and horse races.

Today, it is used in much the same fashion, according to the Paola Area Chamber of Commerce. It is the location of the Roots Festival in August, the annual christmas tree lighting ceremony with a visit from Santa and carriage rides through the historic streets lined with homes that date back to the early 1800s.

Kenneth Dagenett of Commerce, Connie Drew and Kenny W. Dagenett, both of Miami, will be among the descendants of Mary Ann Peoria who will attend Saturday's 11 a.m. dedication service.