After 25 years with the Miami Police Department, the assistant chief of police is handing in his badge - but has no plans to leave law enforcement.

Jeff Coble recently accepted a position in Ada with the Council on Law Enforcement Education Training (CLEET), according to Police Chief Gary Anderson.

“I figure after 25 years on the job with no major incidents it's about time to do something different, Coble said. “And my wife will sleep better at night.

Coble said law enforcement is in his blood and he has no desire to end his career in the field - just change the course.

“This is something I really enjoy doing, Coble said. “Taking this job with CLEET is a good opportunity for me.

“He has more firearms training than anyone in the state - I'm sure of that, Anderson said.

Coble was one of three officers who received extensive firearms training at Thunder Ranch while employed by the Miami Police Department.

“Very few Oklahoma officers have received this type of training, Anderson said.

Most of the students who attend Thunder Ranch are there from the private sector - doctors, attorneys, etc. Only about 10 percent of the students are law enforcement officers, according to local police officials.

“I attended Thunder Ranch while it was still in Texas, Coble said. “It is an excellent program.

Coble will primarily teach firearms training through CLEET.

“I'll also be taking a training course on how to instruct driving, Coble said.

Coble will begin his new position in Ada on Monday, but he plans to return to Miami regularly to visit family and friends.

“The people I have worked with in Miami are all like family, Coble said. “You spend more time with them than you do your real family and I am really going to miss them.

Anderson said the position of Assistant Chief of Police will not be filled until after Oct. 1.

Coble has accumulated enough sick leave and vacation time to keep him on the payroll until October.

“Our budget won't allow us to pay Coble's time and someone to replace him, Anderson said.