For the first time in almost 20 years, Miami finds itself back in Oklahoma's second largest classification for football.

MHS was the state's 63rd largest school according to numbers released Tuesday by the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association.

Miami's average daily membership (ADM) was 667.00, up a smidge from last year's 666.90, which was 64th overall.

As a result, the Wardogs will move up to 5A for the 2008 season for football.

“With the addition of the casinos and their economic boost to the community, you are going to have more people and obviously, more students in the school system, Risenhoover said.

This year's freshman class at MHS reportedly will number 215.

“You multiply that times four and it's pretty obvious that our numbers will put us up to 5A classification, Risenhoover said. “It could be that we will never see Class 4A again if our numbers continue to grow like that. It's just a sign that younger families are moving into the city.

The 2006-07 class-by-class breakdown, which was the basis for the current 667.00 figure, was 145 for the senior class, 169 for junior, 171 for 10th and 182 for freshman.

Risenhoover did bring up a good point: what affect will the recent flooding have on the future numbers?

“You don't know how that's going to affect us, number-wise, Risenhoover said. “We may get to the next school year and some of those families who were displaced may move to other districts, or they may rebuild here. I don't know how that will affect us.

The ADM determines classes for OSSAA members for the upcoming school year for all sports but football.

The average daily membership factors in the number of students in attendance each school day, multiplied by the total number of school days in the school year. Grades nine through 12 are included.

Miami competed in 5A in basketball, wrestling and track this past school year and was 4A in other sports.

“They will probably drop us again when a couple of schools co-op, Miami baseball and softball coach Chris Mercer said.

“As far as softball and baseball goes, there's not a whole lot of difference between 5A and 4A, he said. “It's not like in football or basketball.

While Miami is 63rd overall in football, Catoosa is on the bubble at 661.03. Pryor also is moving back up to 5A thanks to an ADM of 723.75, 59th.

Grove is 70th at 635.66. That keeps it in 4A for all sports.

“We may be a 5A school playing with 4A numbers the next two years, Risenhoover said.

There will be a trickledown effect on the larger classes when Southmoore opens for the 2008-09 school year.