The Miami Industrial Development Authority will meet today to consider approval of a lease agreement to utilize industrial space for the weighing and measuring of flood debris.

If approved, a 50,000-square-foot facility will be used to sort debris and allow Federal Emergency Management Agency representives to record the amount of debris removed from the Ottawa County area, according to Sharon Robins of the Department of Environmental Quality.

Robins is helping to coordinate the effort to set up the staging area and arrange for permanent disposal of the debris.

City and county officials are coordinating their efforts to remove debris and ensure that their entities have a full accounting of the effort - a matter that is important when it comes to reimbursement from FEMA for flood-related expenses.

Ottawa County commissioners signed off on the plan at Monday's meeting and are now looking throughout the county for a disposal site.

The FEMA Public Assistance Program will reimburse local governments for all approved costs for emergency protective measures, such as police overtime, incurred during the same period.

The standard funding formula applies to all infrastructure damage to roads, public buildings and equipment, public utilities and publicly owned parks and recreation areas caused by flooding.

Public assistance funding has not yet been declared for the the City of Miami or Ottawa County, according to Miami City Manager Michael Spurgeon. But, officials are preparing for that announcement.