Following last week's approval by the Board of Regents to set tuition and fees for the 2007-08 academic year, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College will remain among the top three most affordable colleges in the state.

On June 21, the Board of Regents approved the college's request to raise tuition and fees from $70.95 to $75.85 for in-state residents, reflecting a 6.9- percent increase.

The change will allow NEO to meet the rising costs of health care benefits and equipment, said Tom Poole, vice president for fiscal affairs.

“This increase is necessary in order to pay for the rising costs associated with expenses that are mandatory for the college, Poole said.

NEO will still remain one of the most affordable institutions of higher education in the state. In comparison with the remaining two- and four-year colleges in the state, only two institutions offer tuition and fees that are lower than that of NEO.

“We are proud to say that NEO has maintained its tuition and fees at a level that is still affordable to the students, said Dr. Glenn Mayle, president. “As always, our focus is how to best serve our students.

“During 2006, we purchased approximately 525,000 megawatt-hours of energy, Beecher said. “Because of its moderate, stable, price, the reduction in our natural gas exposure and the sale of the environmental attributes, this has been an appealing endeavor for Empire and our customers. Initially, we plan to sell the green power attributes, but may utilize them for state or federal requirements at a future time.

Michael Skelly, chief development officer, Horizon Wind Energy, said, “We are excited to be working with Empire. We are grateful to the landowners, community and other stakeholders who have patiently worked with us during the development of the Meridian Way project. We look forward to continuing our efforts in Kansas as Empire and other utilities increasingly turn to Kansas' abundant wind resource to power the state's energy needs going forward.

Empire will receive energy from the first phase of the two-phase Meridian Way Wind Farm which will consist of an industry-leading wind turbine designed to meet the high wind resource requirements of this location.

Construction is expected to begin in late 2007 with units operational in late 2008.