STILWELL - Arlene Tonsing said she thought after ordering several men to leave, and when off-duty police officer Shiloh Cash climbed on his horse and rode away from The Tavern, the trouble was over.

But, according to Tonsing, owner of the Watts establishment, just before midnight on April 28, Cash and his father, Stanley Cash, burst through the door wielding clubs, reminiscent of a Western movie.

Stanley Cash began beating Tonsing's son Keith Anderson, about the neck and back with the club until Anderson managed to take it from him in the struggle that ensued, the bar owner recalled.

Both the Cash men were threatening to kill Anderson, Tonsing wrote in a statement.

Anderson picked up a bar stool and used it to fend off the swinging clubs, while the Cash men continued, according to Tonsing, to bust up pool cues and other bar furnishings until patrons subdued the men.

Tonsing said that, while Shiloh Cash was held down, she used a decade-old pepper spray canister on him, prompting the 28-year-old to run out of the bar and across the street.

In the meantime, another bar patron hit Stanley Cash over the head with a stick his son has been brandishing earlier, Tonsing said.

Stanley Cash freed himself from the mayhem and ran outside toward his son, with the bar patrons following, where, according to Tonsing, Shiloh Cash tried to run over her with his Dodge pickup before firing two shots at Anderson.

Tonsing said a bar patron used a club to beat the windshield out of Shiloh Cash's pickup.

Police reports indicate that two .40-caliber shell casings were found outside The Tavern and one spent bullet was dug out of a wall.

A Glock .40-caliber handgun was reportedly taken into evidence, according to reports.

Police reports indicate that the Adair County Sheriff's Department had been called to the scene about 10:40 p.m. after Tonsing reported a fight in progress at her establishment.

Tonsing said she'd ordered Shiloh Cash and Stanley Cash to leave the premises earlier, and they'd complied, after the two men allegedly began harassing another patron.

Shiloh Cash has been charged with one count each of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault with a deadly weapon, according to information filed with the Adair County court clerk.

No charges have been filed against Stanley Cash in connection with the incident.

Shiloh Cash posted bond and reported for duty the next day in West Siloam Springs. He continues to be employed as a police officer there, according to the city clerk.

He is scheduled to appear back in court on June 13, court records indicate.