Many people donate or even raise funds for a charity because they admire the charity's work.

For Darrell and Lorna Fell, raising funds for the American Cancer Society is a very personal activity.

Lorna Fell is cancer-free and has been for more than six years now.

The Fells, of Baxter Springs, Kan., create soy candles and sell them under the name “Ma and Pa's Candles.” The proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society during the Relay for Life.

They say it is a way of celebrating Lorna Fell's survival and furthering cancer research.

“People aren't always aware of how hard it is on the family of someone with cancer,” Darrell Fell said. “When Lorna was in the hospital, I prayed a lot. Afterward, we both wanted to do our part to help others with the disease.”

Two years ago they donated more than $6,000 to Relay for Life. Last year, they donated $7,200.

“I hope we can donate at least $8,000 this year,” Darrell Fell said. “Unfortunately, it seems like pockets have gotten a little tight this year. I don't know if we'll make that much.”

Although the Fells sell their candles door-to-door, they do not limit themselves to selling to their next door neighbors.

They set approximately a 30-mile radius, selling in Miami, Joplin, Mo., and Pittsburg, Kan.

The candles, in small Mason jars, are impressive when opened.

“The scent goes all the way through and the candles last about 45 hours,” Darrell Fell said. “People are a little sarcastic at first, but they're always happy when we come back.”

Their best seller is the vanilla candle.

The Fells make them in typical floral and spice scents as well as others they created and named “angel wings,” “mountain retreat” and “twigs and berries.”

The candles are made in batches of six to a dozen to accommodate the Fells equipment.

It takes four days for each batch of candles to harden or “cure” before they can be sold.

Although soy beans are grown locally, the Fells get the soy wax pellets they use to make the candles from Iowa.

This year, the Fells are going to expand the area fund-raising activities.

“We spoke to the management at Simple Simon's Pizza in Baxter,” Darrell Fell said. “Simple Simon's will have a buffet dinner from 4 to 8 p.m. June 11 for $7. All the proceeds will be donated to Relay for Life.”