The Miami City Council, in partnership with the city's department of community and economic development, will hold a public hearing Friday to seek input regarding a potential $150,0000 National Scenic Byways grant application.

The grant, if approved, will allow the city to implement projects along national- or state-designated byways.

For Miami, Route 66 is the noted byway to targeted in a series of projects.

Input is sought on the following proposals.

The replication of a “Miami Gateways overhead sign spanning Main Street near the intersection of Main Street and Steve Owens Boulevard. The project will replicate a gate that once stood at the location.

The replication of an Ozark Trails obelisk milepost marker near the intersection of Central and Main Street.

The placement of historical markers on the Route 66 Ribbon Road south of Miami, at the Coleman Theatre and the proposed Ozark Trails obelisk milepost to be located downtown.

A Route 66-America's Main Street advertising campaign on I-44.

Directional signage to Route 66 tourist attractions. The project will be achieved through a partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT).

The National Scenic Byways grant provides up to 80 percent of the project costs with federal funds. The city, along with the Miami Area Chamber of Commerce, will satisfy the mandatory 20-percent match of the total costs with cash or in-kind services.

“This type of historical and directional signage will increase the flow of travelers interested in Route 66 through our community, said City Manager Michael Spurgeon. “Increasing the number of visitors in our town will benefit our community and surrounding area as a whole.

Larry Eller, the city's community development/grant coordinator, said, “The city is very excited about these projects. Replicas of original signage and signage that specifically highlights the stretch of original Ribbon Road that lays just outside city limits is vital to our tourism traffic.

Friday's public hearing will begain at 6 p.m. at the Miami Civic Center.