CLEVELAND To say that Daniel Stacy won the 132-pound title at the Oklahoma Coaches Association power lifting northeast regional by a hair on Friday is putting it mildly.

Stacy and teammate Andrew Bayliss each lifted 840 pounds and were tied in other criteria, so body weight was used. Stacy won by two-tenths of a pound; he was 130.2 pounds and Bayliss tipped the scales at 130.4 pounds.

Both will qualify for the state meet this weekend in McLoud.

Afton won the Class A regional title, Welch claimed top honors in B and Bluejacket was the Class C winner. Colcord captured Class 2A and was the overall champ. Wyandotte was the runner-up in 2A.

Wyandotte's Jessica Staggs earned what could be the first-ever bid to the state meet by a girl when she finished fifth in the 2A 123-pound class.

Also taking individual firsts from the area were Alex Smith of Welch, Song Cha and Chris Carr of Wyandotte and Dillon Johnson of Afton.

Stacy had lifts of 285 pounds in the squat, 170 in the bench press and 385 in the deadlift.

Bayliss had a squat of 275, a bench press of 190 and 375 in the deadlift.

Smith had lifts of 365 in the squat, 245 in the bench press and 405 in the deadlift for a 1,105-pound total in the 157-pound competition.

Johnson won the A super heavyweight division with a total of 1,260 pounds. He had a 430-pound squat, a 320-pound bench press and a 510-pound deadlift.

Cha won the 2A 123-pound title with 815 pounds total.

Carr was the 2A 242-pound winner with a 1,255-pound total.

Regional runners-up were Kolton Selsor and Slate Boyer of Fairland at 157 and 220, respectively, and Mitchell Weisinger, Wyandotte at 145.

Placing third were Dylan McMillan and Blake White of Commerce at 157 and heavyweight, respectively, and Andrew Douthit, Wyandotte at 198.

Fourth-place finishers were Keith Attocknie, Quapaw, 123; Brooks Victor, Afton, 275; Richard Davis, Afton, super heavy; Justin Walton, Wyandotte, 168, and Brady Barrett, Wyandotte, 198.

Others qualifying by placing fifth were Brian Garrett, Wyandotte, 145; Jacob Pesek, Wyandotte, 157; Landon Corbus, Wyandotte, 168; Angel Torres, Wyandotte 198, and Dillon Wheatley, Afton, 220.