MCLOUD - Wyandotte's Song Cha finished third and the Bears' Brady Barrett and Dillon Johnson of Afton were fifth at the Oklahoma Football Coaches Association small school state power lifting meet here Saturday.

Cha had a total of 845 pounds in the 123-pound class.

He had a squat of 285 pounds. He had a 185 in the bench press and 375 in the deadlift.

Barrett had lifts of 420 in the squat, 255 in the bench press and 450 in the deadlift for a total of 1,125 pounds.

Johnson had a total of 1,275 pounds with lifts of 430 in the squat, 320 in the bench and 525 in the deadlift.

Andrew Bayliss of Quapaw missed fifth place in the 132-pound class by 5 pounds.

Josh Butler of Ringling nipped him 850-845.

Butler held a 320-295 edge in the squat while Bayliss held a 190-170 advantage in the bench press. Each had lifts of 360 pounds in the deadlift.

Wyandotte's Mitchell Weisinger fell 10 pounds short of fifth in the 145-pound class.

He held a 40-pound advantage over Jonah Baker of Okemah in the squat (400-360) and a 35-pound edge in the bench press, 245-205.

But Baker had a 465-pound deadlift compared to a 375-pound effort by Weisinger.

Daniel Stacy of Quapaw and Wyandotte's Chris Carr were eighth at 132 and 245 with a total of 800 and 1,235 pounds, respectively.

Wyandotte's Jessica Staggs, believed to be the first female competitor in the meet, finished 20th in the 123-pound class with a total of 515 pounds.

That was better than four other competitors in her weight division.

Others who competed included:

123 - Keith Attocknie, Quapaw, 18th, 626.

132 - Bailey Lassiter, Quapaw, 15th, 760; Blong Cha, Wyandotte, 19th, 725.

145 - Ryan Garrett, Wyandotte, 17th, 880.

157 - Kolton Selsor, Fairland, 10th, 1,040; Alex Smith, Welch, 15th, 995; Dylon McMillan, Commerce, 16th, 975; Jacob Pesek, Wyandotte, 21st, 910.

168 - Justin Walton, Wyandotte, 10th, 1,075; Landon Corbus, Quapaw, 16th, 975.

180 - Marco Sierra, Commerce, 15th, 1,035; Colton Spradling, Quapaw, 19th, 1,015; Wyatt Ball, Fairland, 20th, 995.

198 - Andrew Douthit, Wyandotte, 9th, 1,030; Angel Torres, Wyandotte, 11th, 1,020.

220 - Slate Boyer, Fairland, 14th, 1,050; Dillon Wheatley, Afton, 20th, 975.

275 - Brooks Victor, Afton, 10th, 1,220.

Hwt - Blake White, Commerce, 12th, 1,150; Richard Davis, Afton, 19th, 995.