JAY - Darrin Wegner is aware of Miamiís scoring woes and its potential.

"They have found a way to stop themselves," said Wegner, who is in his first season as head football coach at Jay High School. "Weíre kinda hoping they wait one more week before they get on track."

The teams tangle here Friday night in the District 4A-3 opener.†

In each of their three games, the Wardogs have had oodles of scoring chances, yet have generated only 24 points.

They managed only a field goal by Kaleb Potter in a 28-3 loss to Pryor last Friday.

Jay picked up its first win of the season last Friday when the Bulldogs bumped off McDonald County, Mo., 20-13.

"We didnít play very well late," said Wegner, a native of Parsons, Kan., who had been head coach at Arkansas City, Kan., for five years before being hired to replace Shane Holland. "We were up 21-0 and puttered around there at the end of the third quarter and early in the fourth quarter. We got a couple of flags and it ends up being 21-13. We werenít very happy with how we ended, but itís a win."

Quarterback Shae Jones is averaging 267.0 yards in total offense for Jay, including 144.0 on the ground.†

"Heís really a special athlete," Miami head coach Rick Woods said. "They donít like to throw it a whole lot. He is their go-to guy. As he goes, they go."

Jones has been nursing a pulled groin, an injury he suffered early in the Bulldogsí 23-21 loss to Grove in the Delaware County Bowl.

"We didnít use him much last week - we didnít ask him to run very much," Wegner said. "Weíre hoping heís recovered. Heís looked better in practice this week."

"He is probably one of the top three or four athletes in our district," Woods said. "He is just a good athlete. We will work hard to try to develop a plan to contain him."

The Bulldogs are running the spread with Jones at the controls.

"We didnít have to throw it much last week," Wegner said. "Weíve struggled a little at the wide receiver position. To be honest, we like our offensive line. They are a good group. They come off the ball well. We hang our hat on the run, but we are not afraid to throw it."

Jones has completed 11 of 23 passes for 123 yards and had rushed for 144 on 19 attempts with no scores.

"They run lot of zone play and dart (pulling a guard)," Woods said. "They are going to get the ball in his (Jonesí) hands. It is nothing we havenít seen the last three weeks. Hopefully we can develop a mentality this week that we have to stop him and make them do something else they donít want to do or havenít done yet."

Miami escaped with a 16-13 victory last year at Robertson Field.†

A 54-yard TD run by Jacob Cheatham midway through the second quarter provided the spark for the Wardogs, who had lost four straight to Jay.

A 20-yard run by Kyle Jolley in the third quarter provided the margin of difference in the game.

"Their kids play real hard," Woods said. "Theyíre not as big as some of the people we have played in the last three games, but they have always had big kids who will hit you. It will be a good test for us. Itís the first game in district, so its very, very important."

While the offense has struggled, Miamiís defense has played solid most of the time.†

The Dogs are allowing 295.0 yards in total offense, but seven of the opponentsí nine scores have come on those proverbial big plays.†

"We are very concerned about that front four for Miami," Wegner said. "Weíve watched a lot of film on them and they are pretty athletic up front. They have great size inside with those two defensive tackles with 44 (Rusty Reece) and 79 (Leighton Quapaw). We are going to have to find a way to control those guys, limit penetration and limit the plays for losses. They have struggled some offensively, but the defense has gone out and gotten a lot of stops for them."