COMMERCE - Despite competition from a number of other events, attendance at the Oklahoma Eight Man Football Coaches Association all-star game here Saturday night was up.

“It's been smooth this year,” executive director David Zachary said following the game. “The gate is up and the banquet (Friday night) was up. There were 100 things we could have blamed if it had been down - the bike run and the (Ted) Nugent concert - those didn't affect us any. Eight -man football people are dedicated. They are going to be here no matter what.”

For the second straight year, the game was played at Tiger Stadium - and the stands on both side of the field were almost full, and the fence was ringed with fans and cars as is usually the case at a CHS game.

A 10-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Chris Bowles to Rodney Robinson of Grandfield with 2:29 remaining provided the margin of difference in the Gold's 12-6 victory here.

All 18 points came in the final 10:44 of the contest and were on consecutive possessions.

“It was a pretty good week,” Zachary said. “We knew when the kids came in, it was going to be a good group. They played hard and practiced hard. It was an all-around good time.”

A year ago, Miami and the Northeastern A&M campus was reeling from flooding. The game was moved here and most of the other activities and feeding the players were moved or changed to compensate for damaged facilities.

“This year whole lot more relaxed,” Zachary said. “We can't say enough for what the people of Miami have done for us, the whole six years we've been here. We love to feel welcomed and that is the feeling we get here.”

Zachary said the OEMFCA's board of directors is considering a change in the date for the game, possibly moving it back into June.

“We're kicking around a clinic next year,” he said. “We've talked about it off and on for several years. I want us to get some western coaches who haven't been over here to come and see what we do for the kids, see how they are treated.”