Nolan Couch coasted to a six-stroke victory in the Quad States Classic golf tournament Sunday at Miami Golf & Country Club.

Couch sizzled during Saturday’s first round, posting a four-under par 68. He followed that up with a 70 on Sunday, leaving him at 6-under 138.

Winners in the other flights included John Robinson III in A and John Sparkman in B.

Tony Peters won the seniors’ championship flight.

Nathan Dick claimed the senior A flight and Jim Blakemore captured the senior B flight.

Mark Riley finished second in the championship flight at 144. He opened with a 69 but shot a final-round 75.

Marshall Smith Jr. was third at 73-77-150.

Robinson posted a 79-74-153 to take the A flight by one stroke over Terry Bradley, who shot 78-76-154.

Rich Lillard was third at 79-77-156.

Sparkman won the B flight by four shots over Rick Dawes. Sparkman shot 85-82-167 and Dawes logged an 87-84-171.

John Heyburn was third at 89-83-172.

Peters shot even par 72 Saturday, then finished with a 74 for a 146, giving him a three-shot win in the senior championship flight.

Mike Craig and John Robinson Jr. won a scorecard playoff for second after each logged 149s.

Craig had rounds of 75 and 74 while Robinson was at 72 and 77.

Nathan Dick captured the senior A flight with an 81-76-157.

Robert Lawson was second at 82-79-161 and Ellis Poisall was third at 81-83-164.

Blakemore took honors in the senior B flight at 87-83-170.

Terry Heatherly was second at 92-82-174 and Jim Riley was third at 87-90-177.

Riley was first and Lee Larimore wound up second in a horse race held Friday in conjunction with the tournament.

Couch and Robert Lawson were the winners in the long drive competition.

Riley also was closest to the pin on No. 17.

George Couch was closest to the pin in the senior division.

Quad States Classic

Miami Golf & Country Club

Championship flight — Nolan Couch, 68-70-138; Mark Riley, 69-75-144; Marshall Smith Jr., 73-77-150; Freddie Vaughan, 73-78-151; Lee Larimore, 76-75-151; Chad Walker, 77-78-155; Clint Goodman, 75-81-156; Mark Bruder, 77-79-156; Bo Smith, 74-84-158; Mark Kays, 77-83-160; Mark Von Moss, 77-83-160; Bo Dennis, 76-88-164; Seth Rhodes, 77-92-169; Kerry Brown, 70-WD; David Brewer, 70-WD; Sam Dowell, 76-WD.

A flight — John Robinson III, 79-74-153; Terry Bradley, 78-76-154; Rich Lillard, 79-77-156; Jason Blevins, 78-79-157; Todd Hale, 80-77-157; Brad Walker, 82-78-160; Rodger Dunigan, 83-81-164; Mike Glasman, 83-81-164; Larry Lewis, 78-87-165; Charlie Haney, 82-83-165; Mac Young, 78-88-166; Robbie Rhodes, 81-85-166; Adrian Camp, 82-85-167; Matt Cotner, 82-86-168; John Finley, 83-86-169; Jeff Gulley, 83-94-177; Charlie Vella, 81-101-182.

B flight — John Sparkman, 85-82-167; Rick Dawes, 87-84-171; John Heyburn, 89-83-172; Rodney Smith, 86-87-173; Curtis Jurgenmeyer, 94-81-175; Mike Simpson, 87-91-178; Mark Boyle, 96-91-187; Terry Williams, 92-97-189; Mark Weber, 97-95-192; Steven Chapman, 103-89-192; Mike Goodwin, 95-99-194; Rick Smith, 97-111-208; Calvin Carder, 109-WD.

Senior championship flight — Tony Peters, 72-74-146; Mike Craig, 75-74-149; John Robinson Jr., 72-77-149; Don Isham, 77-78-155; Phil Trussler, 78-82-160; Gene Holt, 78-82-160; Bill White, 79-81-160; Grover Wade, 80-81-161; Dick Lillard, 77-85-162; Bert Henderson, 78-84-162; George Couch, 79-84-163; Robert Haney, 80-87-167; Jerry Mitchell, 78-93-171; Jerrell Williams, 79-WD.

Senior A flight — Nathan Dick, 81-76-157; Robert Lawson, 82-79-161; Ellis Poisall, 81-83-164; Mike Littlefield, 85-80-165; Roger Cook, 86-79-165; Tom Arnold, 82-88-170; Jack Ashcraft, 84-88-172; Tilt Brown, 86-86-172; Harry Smith, 86-87-173; John Mills, 81-93-174; Clair Goodwin, 83-94-177; Ron Emberson, 85-92-177; Joe Weatherford, 83-97-180; Roger Bruder, 86-WD.

Senior B flight — Jim Blakemore, 87-83-170; Terry Heatherly, 92-82-174; Jim Riley, 87-90-177; Benny Wright, 87-91-178; Dale Holrod, 89-89-178; Chuck Craig, 87-92-179; Arnold Long, 88-91-179; Gene Goley, 88-96-184; Dan Dollison, 92-92-184; Jerry McCormick, 89-97-186; Jerry Stigall, 93-93-186; Dan Kelly, 93-96-189; Jim Thompson, 95-94-189; James Matthews, 95-95-190; Paul Viets, 94-101-195; Jack McCormick, 122-105-227.