WYANDOTTE - It's been quite a year for Wyandotte High School.

The Bears reached the Class 2A football playoffs last fall after back-to-back winless seasons.

Softball, both fast- and slow-pitch had success.

And the baseball team ran off 20 straight wins before faltering.

And to cap things off, WHS was named High School of the Year by Bigger Faster Stronger Magazine, a Utah-based publication that provides information about athletic and physical fitness for athletes.

It features inspirational success stories, advice from top coaches and sport scientists, and the latest information on liability and safety.

Wyandotte was featured in a three-page spread in BFS' May-June issue.

Here's what the publication had to say about the school's program:

Wyandotte High School is a terrific place to get an education, not just in academics but also in athletics and strength training. Itís all due to the schoolís great teachers and coaches, plus the implementation of the BFS program. In fact, we were so impressed by ho the program has been implemented ó into not only the sports program but the entire physical education system as well ó that we knew this Oklahoma school deserved the title of 2012 BFS High School of the Year.

The person responsible for getting the school to adopt the BFS Total Program is Coach Scott Martin. Two years ago Martin took over the Bearsí struggling football program. Because he had arrived at Wyandotte so lat in the year, he had little opportunity to made significant changes, and that first year his team went 0-10. The following season, however, was a different story ó the Bears finished 9-3.

In addition to football, other sports teams began to adopt the concept of a unified strength and conditioning program: soon BFS became a part of the physical education curriculum, with not just athletes but also students who were not involved in sports taking part.

"BFS has been amazing at our school," says Troy Gray, Superintendent of Wyandotte Public Schools. "Three years ago the Board of Education took a hard look at the culture of our school and our athletic programs. A common theme that we kept returning to was the lack of discipline, strength and work-ethic of our student athletes. Somewhere, we had lost our way. Our kids had forgotten how to work. Over the last 10 years we had moved away from a total athletic strength and conditioning program. We looked to the past to map out the future.

"In the spring of 2010 we hired Coach Scott Martin as our new football coach and athletic director. Coach Martin formulated a plan to unify our athletic programs and re-implement the BFS program we had utilized with great success in the 1990ís. His number-one goal was to have a completely unified athletic program. A program where all sports could participate. Not just football. We have been blown away by the results.

"The hard work and dedication of our coaching staff and the support of our faculty have completely transformed our athletic programs. The transformation has made a major impact on the culture of our school. Our student athletes have gained confidence as their strength has improved, and they are having success on the athletic fields. The BFS program allows our kids to continue to get stronger through the season rather than simply maintain off-season levels. At Wyandotte Public Schools there is no off-season regarding strength and conditioning. Every day is a chance to get stronger. With hard work our students have developed new discipline, respect and leadership qualities that will carry them through life.

"While our renewed success can be easily traced back to the coaching staff and the unity of our athletic programs, the real credit should to go the student athletes and their parents. The sacrifices they have made to achieve success make it happen."

In addition to having such enthusiastic support from the school administration, the sport coaches have many great comments to say about Coach Martin and BFS. Here are a few of those comments:

"For track, the BFS system has made my job as a coach so much easier. I was first exposed to BFS in high school, and later in my first coaching job our coach had a BFS clinic. For the last 10 years as a head track coach, I have always used the BFS running program as part of my track running. Since this is already built into what we do every day here at Wyandotte, it allows me to concentrate my efforts coaching up the kidsí individual races and field events. Obviously we work on our distance running and such, but as far as sprint training goes, BFS covers it all, and we just have to work blocks and handoffs for the short relays. It allows our kids to do multiple events successfully and other activities in school because we don't have to train as long to get in shape. By the time track rolls around, the kids have already spent months running on the track.

"And with the weight workouts, our kids have battled against the weight to get that 10th rep on that 10 or fail set; they've battled and sweated alongside each other and have built a camaraderie in what otherwise is a very individualized sport. It also has allowed our kids to be recruited despite injuries. Alex Lyons, a multi-sport athlete in basketball, track, fast pitch and slow pitch softball, placed second in the 400, third in the 100 and fourth in the 200 last year at the state meet. Because of softball and academic commitments, she was only able to run about once a week, but she lifted all year and made all personal-best times. She signed with the University of Tulsa on a track scholarship this past spring.

"I have also seen confidence grow in the kids, in the classroom and on the track. Last year we started to get a little taste of success in track, high school-wise; junior high-wise we took everyone by storm. And it was nice to see that confidence grow at every track meet. We weren't also-rans any more; we actually were able to compete and the numbers for boys (enrolled in track) jumped from six the year before we got here and implemented BFS to over 25; this year we currently have 30 boys in track. Because we encourage our athletes to play as many sports as they can, and that is what is so great with BFS - you can play every sport and still get bigger, faster, stronger."

- Johnny Skimbo, track-powerlifting coach

"The BFS program has been a blessing at our school. Since starting the BFS program two years ago, we have seen our number of home runs go from the mid-20s during the 2010 season to almost 50 during the 2011 season. Our overall strength of our female athletes has improved and still continues to improve yearly. The BFS program continues to benefit all of our athletes in every sport we compete in. We have been fortunate at Wyandotte to be very competitive in our fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball programs, and will continue to raise the bar with stronger athletes. Scott Martin's dedication and enthusiasm in bringing the BFS program to Wyandotte has strengthened our kids not only physically but mentally as well. As our student athletes get stronger, they become more confident in what they do and their overall outlook on things becomes a positive one."

- John Leppla, head girls fast pitch, head girls basketball and head girls slow pitch coach

"BFS has improved the Wyandotte varsity cheerleading squad in several ways. They are now able to build more advanced stunts as a whole squad. The girls now can 'stick' their stunts and get them higher in the air. The squad's jumps look tremendously better, and the girls' stamina has greatly improved. We were able to put together a vigorous two-minute routine and stay strong throughout the whole thing. BFS will always be included in the cheerleaders' training."

- Jessia Skimbo, head cheerleading coach

"The BFS program is essential in the development of our athletes. Our students are learning that hard work in the weightroom and on the track will pay off in every sport they play. Boys basketball has shown improvement not only in the 'W' column, but also in the attitude of our kids. Our players believe in each other; they push each other in the weight room and on the court. You can see a difference in our athletes that go through a tough workout five days a week. Whether it's practice or a game situation, they are ready, they have paid their dues and in their mind, they can't be beat."

- Jimmy Hudson, head boys basketball coach

Congratulations to Coach Scott Martin and the entire staff and student body at Wyandotte High School. They are the reason their school is the perfect choice for the 2012 BFS High School of the Year.