OKLAHOMA CITY — The Bluejacket fast-pitch softball team hit one out of the park.

The Lady Chieftains were saluted as the Oklahoma Secondary Activities Association’s Class B academic state champs Thursday, Oct. 5, during the state tournament at the American Softball Association Hall of Fame stadium complex.

“These girls are role models and next year they expect the incoming freshmen to work hard and make sacrifices,” head coach Stephanie Chaney said. “They stay up late after games to finish homework and study on the bus, and they still show up for school the next day. I hope all our athletes at Bluejacket are inspired to to only stay eligible to play sports, but are inspired to do the best of their ability in every class.”

The team had a combined grade point average of 3.896.

"I'm so very proud of this group of girls,” Bluejacket superintendent Shellie Baker said. “Their dedication and determination on the field and in the classroom is commendable. I know that there are great things in store for these girls and this softball program."

With 10 players on the team, all had straight A 4.0 grade point averages except for one girl that had one B in an advanced class and the rest of her grades were As, Baker said.

Members of the team include Shelbie Baker, Maddie Bassett, Carly Bluejacket, Laura Collins, Lea Hency, Haven Kelly, Daetona Mauk, Sydnee Martin, Taci Mitchell and DeeDee Satterwhite.

Jason Bates is the assistant.

“This is an example of dedication,” Chaney said. “Maddie Barnett didn't go on our trip to pick up the trophy because she had misses school the day before for Ag and wanted to catchup on her work. That's just one example of sacrifice and dedication that I see as a coach.

“We had so much fun in Oklahoma City and know it was disappointing for her to miss it. We thought about her all day.”

This just the second year of softball competition for Bluejacket, which finished 12-18.

“They may not receive a state trophy, but they will be rewarded by a brighter future,” Chaney said. “I know this team will grow up to be our leaders and I am so proud of them and excited about their futures in life and on the field.”