WYANDOTTE — Runners from Claremore Sequoyah and Adair had the best times among the high school runners at a cross-country meet hosted by Wyandotte.

Brandon Swisher of Sequoyah bested teammate Noah Klepczyk by :05 of a second to win the boys division.

Swisher was timed in 10:34 while Klepczyk had a time of 10:39.

Johnny Hailey of Dewey was third at 10:42.

Adair’s Mia Bagby was the fastest female runner with a time of 8:33.

Tori Wood of Sequoyah was second at 9:08 and River Jeffries of Vinita placed third at 9:18.

Jaci Clinton of Welch placed fourth with a time of 9:19.

In the middle school division, Cooper Thompson of Claremore Sequoyah was the fastest boy at 6:03 and Jenalee Dunn of Joplin Thomas Jefferson set the pace among the girls at 6:27.

Times and placement for local high school runners included:

Miami boys — Andrew Acupan, 10:57, fifth; Kolton Browning, 11:11, sixth; Bo Smith, eighth, 11:26; Ryan Hackett, 11:36, ninth; Chris Goad, 12:32, 12th; Reagan Alleman, 13:41, 28th; Gage Harris, 13:43, 29th

Fairland boys — Gavin Long, 12:51, 23rd

Wyandotte boys — Justus Robertson, 12:17, 17th; Evan Logan, 13:02, 24th; Noah Sloan, 13:09, 25th; Roy Stovall, 13:57, 30th

Welch girls — Jaci Clinton, 9:19, fourth

Wyandotte girls — Sara Wright, 9:40, seventh; Kallie Morisset, 11:03, 33rd; Ja’Ce Funk, 11:28, 38th; Jennelle Lundien, 11:29, 40th; Maddie McBrien, 12:03, 47th; Kaylee Barton, 12:22, 55th; Ashleigh Carr, 13:31, 68th; Lily Compton, 13:50, 70th

Fairland girls — Kathleen Schertz, 9:54, ninth; Emily Rexwinkle, 11:39, 43rd; Kassidy Daugherty, 12:19, 53rd; Ashlyn Long, 13:48, 69th

Miami girls — Mia Engelbrecht, 10:05, 11th; Maddie Smith, 10:16, 18th; Isabell Bivins, 10:26, 22nd; Mary Marugue, 11:40, 44th; Josalyn Kennedy, 12:29, 56th; Claire Coyne, 14:14, 72nd

Times and placement for local junior high runners included:

Fairland boys — Javier Garcia, 6:18, fourth; Dominik Kline, 8:01, 21st; Logan Carpenter, 9:33, 27th; Joseph Gardner, 9:36, 28th; Drake Roberts, 10:27, 30th

Wyandotte boys — David Homer, 7:15, 11th; Wyatt Carlin, 7:18, 12th; Eli Campbell, 7:19, 13th; Clint Palmer, 7:24, 14th; Jaret Burney, 7:39, 17th; Doug Savig, 9:49, Kelyn Pitman, 10:35, 31st

Wyandotte girls — Elle Savig, 7:31, 10th; Torance Douthit, 7:47, 17th; Stormy Stanley, 7:50, 19th; Taylor Post, 8:04, 25th; Shelby Channel, 8:40, 32nd; Jessica Bravo, 8:41, 33rd; Kacie Ruppert, 8:42, 34th; Catherine Williams, 9:48; 51st; Kaeleigh Morgan, 9:55, 53rd; Madison O’Dell, 9:57, 54th; Sophia Woods, 10:59, 63rd

Fairland girls — Amy Oakley, 7:52, 20th; Jade Piper, 7:56, 21st; Alison Thompson, 7:56, 22nd; Mikealla Meister, 7:57, 23rd; Erin Long, 8:28, 29th; Libby Homan, 8:57, 39th; Kallie Schertz, 9:07, 42nd; Haley Rice, 10:12, 57th