WYANDOTTE — The concerns weren’t as bad as Wyandotte head coach Brad Homer expected.

The Bears opened their season with a 30-14 win over Fairland.

“I thought our effort was there for first game,” Homer said. “Our kids really responded to the things we asked as far as playing hard and playing until the whistle. There are some things we can get better at.

Homer and his coaching staff were a little concerned about the experience in the offensive line, but that group played well, he said.

“They didn’t do too bad,” he said. “I was frustrated with our receivers a little for busting some routes and things, but it was the first game. They are all fixable things.”

Kent Marshall felt the game was winnable for his Owls.

“Twice we turned the ball over and twice they go deep, we bust a coverage and they score,” he said. “We did stuff that killed us.”

“The energy was there and the effort was there,” Homer said. “We can build on those.”

“Everybody said Wyandotte was going to be way down this year, but their quarterback is as good as anybody in this part of the country,” Marshall said. “They are young but they are getting better.”

No statistics were available for the game at press time.

The game was special for Homer: he got to coach with his father, longtime Miami coach Bob Homer, for the first time.

“There was a little bit of arguing on the headphones,” Brad Homer joked. “It was fun. His energy and passion are still there. He was so fired up. He was like a kid in a candy store.”

The Bears host Kansas Friday, Sept. 8.

The Comets, who were idle Friday night, opened their season with a 14-0 Zero Week loss to Oklahoma Union.

Fairland (0-2) hosts Ketchum Friday, Sept. 8.

The Warriors dropped to 1-1 with a 47-6 loss to Haskell.