LOCUST GROVE — Miami head coach Andrew Rice used two of the teams that participated in a preseason scrimmage Friday, Aug. 18, as evidence.

Locust Grove and Dewey, a pair of teams who have had successful rebuilds, were part of a four-way scrimmage.

Locust Grove went from 0-10 in 2010 to consecutive appearances in the Class 3A quarterfinals.

Dewey won only two games in 2014 and 15 and improved to 5-5 in ’16.

“Locust is in Year 5 of rebuilding their program and Dewey is in Year 2 of it,” Rice said. “Both of them have had success.

“That’s kinda our goal and I wanted our kids to see that.”

Rice has taken the reins of a program that has struggled for the past 10 years, hitting rock bottom in 2010.

“We got a ton of reps, which is what we needed,” Rice said. “It showed us different things we need to improve on.”

The Wardogs travel to Stilwell on Thursday, Aug. 24, for their final preseason tune-up.

They remain on the road for the season opener on Friday, Sept. 1, traveling to Hilldale.

The Dogs won’t play at the friendly confines of Red Robertson Field until Sept. 8, when they host Verdigris.

“The first half of it was great, the energy level was up, we were doing some good things,” Rice said. “As things got tougher and our conditioning took over since it was hot, the energy and execution dropped.

“Some of our kids played their tails off. We’ve got to continue to work that culture. We can control a lot of the off-the-field stuff with what we’ve been doing all summer.”