BLUEJACKET — Bluejacket heads into its season opener on an upbeat note.

“We pretty much got yards every possession,” Chieftain head coach Ronnie Simmons said after a Friday, Aug. 18 home scrimmage. “We missed a couple blocking assignments,” he said. “We didn’t drop one ball the entire scrimmage. We threw the ball well and had some good catches by both receivers.”

Prue, Oaks and Watts joined in the action.

“When those teams showed up, we went from looking like we were big to looking like we were just an average football team,” Simmons said. “Our kids’ athleticism showed up.”

Simmons expected the offense to look good.

“Our offensive line looked better than I thought it would,” he said. “We were pulling off runs of 10 yards or so.

“Defensively we looked a lot better than I thought we would. Our 1s didn’t give up a touchdown when it came to drives. When we were alternating defenses, we gave up a couple we shouldn’t have.”

The Chieftains open the season Friday, Aug 25 in Tulsa with Wright Christian.