Wyandotte continues to be the largest Ottawa County member of the Lucky 7 Conference.

WHS has an Average Daily Membership of 223.72 according to tentative figures released recently by the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association.

Wyandotte’s ADM places it 202nd among the 481 member schools of the OSSAA.

That’s down from 232.60 for the previous school year.

ADM is used to determine classifications for athletic teams and is based on enrollment in grades 9 through 12 for the 2016-17 school year.

Numbers for other Ottawa County schools include Commerce 208.37 (211th), Fairland 178.15 (241st), Quapaw 168.05 (253rd) and Afton 150.69 (264th).

The ADM for Welch is 87.68 (371st) and Bluejacket’s is 80.03 (387th)

All seven of the area’s schools have shown a drop in enrollment.

Last year’s ADMs were Wyandotte 232.60 (202nd), Commerce 221.77 (207th), Fairland 179.79 (243rd), Quapaw 177.85 (246th), Afton 171.11 (252nd), Welch 96.82 (348th) and Bluejacket 77.13 (392nd).

That means no changes for at least the next two years when new football districts are announced next month.

While football is set up in two-year cycles, other sports are drawn up annually.

In football, Wyandotte and Commerce compete in 2A, Fairland, Quapaw and Afton in A and Bluejacket and Welch in Class C.

Numbers for the other Lucky 7 members include Colcord, 204.14 (214th); Ketchum, 194.40 (222nd); Foyil, 135.76 (289th), and South Coffeyville, 91.71 (360th).

Oklahoma Union dropped out of the Lucky 7 at the conclusion of the 1016-17 school year.