MIAMI — Pity the poor soul who has to face Trey Lippe Morrison in his return to the ring.

Lippe Morrison, who has won all 13 of his professional fights by knockout, had fought just once since December and twice since August 2016 because of a cut over his left eye and then torn tendons in his left hand.

“I am so motivated, especially after tonight,” Lippe Morrison said between one of the fights on a card Friday, July 14, at Buffalo Run Casino & Resort.

“I am missing it. I am really missing it. I miss being able to use my hand. I can’t wait to put it all back together.”

He suffered torn tendons in his right hand during a Jan. 22, 2016, fight with Thomas Hawkins at Buffalo Run.

Lippe Morrison bounced back and dropped Ed Latimore at 2:19 of the first round Aug. 23, 2016 on Showtime.

In his last action on Dec. 10, he won by TKO in the second round against Ty Cobb at Buffalo Run.

Lippe Morrison had to miss a February card here due to a nasty cut over his left eye while sparring.

Then he suffered the hand injury while training for a June 9 fight in Verona, New York, that was part of a Showtime/Boxing Hall of Fame weekend.

He had surgery a few days later in California and has been on the mend since then.

“I got notice from the doctor about two days ago before I came up here that I could start punching with my hand,” Lippe Morrison said “There’s still a little bit of scar tissue that needs to be broken up. It’s been healing for three months. The doctor said not to just lay into a bag; just start tapping it and that might break up my scar tissue.”

Maybe a month from there, we can start a camp then plan to fight.”

His training includes switching to water back.

The water bag will absorb more of a punch than a traditional heavy bag.

“I think it’s from hitting that heavy bag over and over and over those power hands,” Holden said.

“I think with me getting into boxing game a little late, my hands aren’t used to the punishment,” Lippe Morrison said. “I think that’s the problem.”

He played football at Vinita and Central Arkansas, then decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and give boxing a try, turning pro in February 2014 with hardly any experience in the ring.

His father, the late Tommy “The Duke” Morrison, was a world heavyweight boxing champ.

Lippe Morrison has shed 32 pounds since moving to Los Angeles to train under Freddie Roach, but is seven pounds heavier than his last Showtime fight.

“I think I’ve put on a little muscle compared to what I was last time,” Lippe Morrison said.

He hasn’t been just kicking back and enjoying the scenery in Los Angeles during his down time.

“I don’t ever just take it off,” Lippe Morrison said. “I use it to get better. I am ready to put all to use and start sparring.”

Both he and promoter Tony Holden are looking at a card in September or October.

“I can’t wait to put him back (in action),” Holden said. “He looks great. Freddie Roach says he’s more excited than ever about Trey.”

Jim Ellis is sports editor of the Miami News-Record. He can be reached by phone at 918-542-5508 or by email at Follow him on Twitter @mnrsportsguy.