MIAMI — The team of John Finnell, Ronnie Maple and Trey Maple took first place in the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Golf Scramble Friday at Peoria Ridge Golf Course.

A total of 19 teams played in the tournament, which benefitted the NEO athletic department.

The winners posted a 13-under par score of 59, besting the team of Mackenzie Oakley, Brandon Oakley, Braden Walker and Brandon Walker.

They also had a 13-under 59.

Placing third at 61 the Security Bank team: Bob Tyson, Jerry Kenney, Eldon Mercer and Jack Smith.

John Froman, Rece Smith, Eddie Degner and Scott Burgess, representing Buffalo Run Casino, were fourth at 62.

The teams of John Finley, Mike Sexton, Don Barr and Steve Sly (First National Bank); Kevin Bullard, James Stoner, Zack Goforth and Nate Neel (Welch State Bank); Jason Hall, Gregg Emerson, Allison Webb and Shane Neighbors (Budweiser); Nick Gillespie, Jeff McCray, Jay Millinichik and Clay Patterson; Pat Sill, Craig Bell, Russ Hefley and Nick Bernson (Westco) and Billie Friend, Keith Manning, Roger Bruder and Mark Bruder (Wyandotte Tribe) also posted 62s.

Rounding out the field were Zach Allen, Dustin Landry, Bryan Blake and Gerald Howse; Dick Lillard, Cindi Lillard, Rich Lillard and Joe Lillard, and Joe Renfro, Jeremy Jackson Dustin May and Tristan Carson, all at 63; Eric Iverson, Keni Iverson, Lauren Strack and Jeremy Strack, 65; Bill Waller, David Cole, Charles Steinman and Rich Lillienthal, and Mark Zordel, Blake Moyers, Mike Saenz and Larry DeSilva, both at 66; Garry Yancey, John Sharber, Melvin Schnohour and Jeremy Schnohour, 67; Jonas Rabel, Dr. Robert Brown, James Sharp and Clint Epperson (Integris), 68, and Steve Kropp, Randy Mercer, Barry Reynolds and Bobby Carder, 70.