MIAMI — Mid-America Baseball will utilize Joe Pollock Field/Miami Stadium and Homa Thomas Field at NEO for games this weekend for its 15U and 16U Prep Baseball Report 4-State Regional tournaments.

Action began at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, July 6, and runs through Sunday, July 9.

The host site for the tourney is Warren Turner Field at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin.

A total of 40 teams were expected for the tournaments, which began Thursday.

Nine games in the 1516 4-State Regional will be played in Miami while local parks will be used for 20 games in the 16 event.

Teams entered in the 1516 Regional include

“We come there (Joplin) four times in a year,” said Tate Thoreson, director of Mid-America Tournaments. “We go to Wichita State three times then we are in Kansas City and St. Louis every weekend, but not like the bigger events we have in Joplin or Wichita. They have some nice fields there, then the city does a good job helping us out.”

Teams entered in the 16 tournament include Advanced Baseball Academy Zinger Stremming 16U (Stilwell, Kansas), Arkansas Knights (Jonesboro, Arkansas), Arsenal Stars 16u Jenkins (Wichita, Kansas), Capital City Kings 16U (Topeka, Kansas), Colorado Baseball Academy Lockett (Colorado Springs, Colorado), Colorado Baseball Academy Stewart (Colorado Springs), Glendale BB 16, Inside Edge 16 Red (Lee’s Summit, Missouri), Inside Edge White (Lee’s Summit, Missouri), Kickapoo 16 (Springfield, Missouri), Midwest BlackSox Anderson (Lenexa, Kansas), Midwest Nationals 16 Blue (Springfield, Missouri), Midwest Nationals 16 Red (Springfield, Missouri), Millhouse16U, Missouri Stixx (O’Fallon, Missouri), NWA Prospects Watson (Springdale, Arkansas), Perfect Timing 15 Blue (Springdale, Arkansas), Perfect Timing 16 Blue (Springdale, Arkansas), Perfect Timing 16 Red (Springdale, Arkansas), Rawlings Xtreme 16 Evans (St. Louis), Rawlings Xtreme 16U Killian (St. Louis), RBI Rivals Elite Orange 16U (Jonesboro, Arkansas), Red Dirt 16 Black, Sandlot 16U- B. Wrona (Tulsa), Southwest Nationals Blue (Arizona), Southwest Nationals Red (Arizona), St. Joe Blast Baseball (St. Joseph, Missouri) and STL Prospects 16 Red (St. Louis).

Teams entered in the 15 division include ABA - Akadema 15 (Overland Park, Kansas), Arsenal Stars 15u James (Wichita, Kansas), Fort Smith (Arkansas) Baseball 15, Midwest Nationals 15 Blue (Springfield, Missouri), Midwest Nationals 15 Red, NWA Prospects 15 (Springdale, Arkansas), Perfect Timing 15 Grey (Springdale, Arkansas), Perfect Timing 15 Red, Prime Baseball (Oklahoma City), RBI Rivals Elite Black 15U (Jonesboro, Arkansas), Sandlot 15U- Mottern (Tulsa), Sandlot 15U- Russell, STL Prospects 15 Black (St. Louis) and STL Prospects 15 Red (St. Louis).

The schedule for games in Miami:

Homa Thomas Field


12:30 p.m., ABA-Akadema 15 vs. Sandlot 15U-Russell (15); 2:45 p.m., ABA Zinger Stremming 16U vs. Perfect Timing 15 Blue (16); 5 p.m., STL Prospects 16 Red vs. ABA Zinger Stremming 16U (16); 7:15 p.m., Perfect Timing 15 Blue vs. CBA Stewart (16)


9 a.m., STL Prospects 16 Red vs. Perfext Timing 15 Blue (16); 11:30 a.m., CBA Lockett vs. Midwest Nationals 16 Red (16); 2 p.m., Southwest Nationals Blue vs. Red Dirt 16 Black (16); 4:30 p.m., Sandlot 16U-B. Wrona vs. RBI Rivals Elite Orange 16U (16); 7 p.m., CBA Lockett vs. Rawlings Xtreme 16U Killian (16)


3 p.m., Fort Smith Baseball 15 vs. Arsenal Stars 15u James (15)


9 a.m., TBA (15); 11:15 p.m., TBA (15); 1:30 p.m. (TBA (15); 3:45 p.m., TBA (15)

Joe Pollock Field/Miami Stadium


12:30 p.m., Midwest Nationals 16 Blue vs. Perfect Timing 16 Red (16); 2:45 p.m., Inside Edge White vs. Midwest Nationals 16 Blue (16); 5 p.m., NWA Prospects Watson vs. Missouri Stixx (16); 7:15 p.m., Millhouse 16U vs. Missouri Stixx (16)


9 a.m., Inside Edge 16 Red vs. Southwest Nationals Blue (16); 11:30 p.m., Perfect Timing 16 Blue vs. Inside Edge 16 Red (16); 2 p.m., STL Prospects 16 Red vs. CBA Stewart (16); 4:30 p.m., Midwest BlackSox Anderson vs. Rawlings Xtreme 16U Killian (16); 7 p.m., Midwest Nationals 16 Red vs. Midwest BlackSox Anderson (16)


12:30 p.m., RBI Rivals Elite Black 15U vs. Perfect Timing 15 Red (15); 5:30 p.m., Perfect Timing 15 Red vs. St. Louis Prospects 15 Black (15)


11:15 a.m., TBA (16); 1:30 p.m., TBA (16); 3:45 p.m., TBA (16)

The 15 4-State Regional will feature two seven-team pools while the 16 Regional will have seven four-team pools.

Championship games will be at 1:30 p.m. (16) and 3:45 p.m. (15) at Warren Turner Field.