A Miami woman whose filing for candidacy is being contested said Tuesday that she welcomes the opportunity to present her argument today at a planned contestation hearing.

Tommie Ballard’s bid for a Miami School Board seat is being challenged on the basis of that she does not reside in the ward in which she filed.

Ballard, a first-time candidate, does not argue that she may have filed in the wrong district — but says she was told by an election board employee to file in Ward 4 of the Miami School District after a discussion about the location of her residence.

Verna Ferris, Ottawa County Election Board secretary, said today that the role of the election board is to simply conduct the election.

Ferris said she has had numerous conversations with state election officials to regarding role of the board employees.

“We have been advised to take the applications at face value and believe that the per son applying for candidacy is aware, read the (published) notice of filing and know what office they are filing for,” Ferris said.

Ballard planned to present her position today at a 10 a.m. hearing at the Ottawa County Courthouse.

Donni Turner, the other Ward 4 candidate, filed a petition last week to contest Ballard’s filing.

Turner claims that Ballard should have filed for the Ward 3 seat.