A 6-year-old Miami boy is at home recovering after being struck by a car while riding his bicycle Wednesday evening.

Ethan Faul sustained minor injuries when he was hit by a pickup truck in the 1200 block of Johnson Drive.

According to authorities, Susan Cuthbertson, 50, of Commerce was backing out of a driveway at 1230 Johnson Drive, when she backed into faul, who was passing by the residence on a bicycle.

Ethan Faul was transported to a Joplin, Mo., hospital where he was treated and released.

According to the boys mother, Heather Faul, she and her daughter witnessed the incident.

“Ashlyn was closer to (the truck) than me and saved Ethan by screaming STOP,” said Faul. “The truck stopped before the tire got to him.”

Faul said her son is lucky.

“His back is pretty horrible looking and he has a chunk out of his elbow and knee but no internal injuries,” she said.