Several area shoppers are well on their way to winning a new Dodge Dakota as they shop for the holidays.

The annual “Spend to Win” campaign kicked off last week with 27 merchants participating in this year's holiday hometown shopping promotion.

There is a new twist this year as the event includes weekly drawings for $200 in cash.

The winning ticket number for this week's $200 cash give-away is 596195.

A ticket will be drawn every Wednesday through Jan. 2.

Look to the News-Record for publication of the numbers.

The event, sponsored by the Miami Area Chamber of Commerce, is geared to encourage holiday shoppers to spend their money at local retailers.

Shoppers earn a minimum of one ticket for every $10 spent up to $100. Then, one additional ticket for every $100 up to $1,000 followed by one additional ticket for each conesecutive $1,000 spent therafter.

Shoppers keep one half of the ticket and place its twin in a “Spend to Win” receptical. Johnson asks that shoppers separate all tickets before putting them into “Spend to Win” collection boxes.

The big event will take place at 2 p.m., Jan. 6, at the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Football field. Tickets will be drawn for a number of prizes donated by area merchants.

When a winning number is called, the holder has only minutes to identify the ticket and notify a spotter. In order to receive the prize, the bearer of the ticket must show the ticket and provide a valid form of identification.

Winners will have to make a choice to either walk away with their pick of available prizes or trade in their prize guarantee for one of 12 “lucky” envelopes - one of which holds the right to a 2007 Dodge Dakota truck.

When all prizes have been claimed, holders of the envelopes will learn whose luck held out.