I have served on the Miami City Council, as representative of Ward 4 for six years. I have also been a member of the Utility Board for 8 years, Chairman of the Fair Housing Board, Chairman of the Miami Board of Adjustments, Member of the Ottawa County Jail Committee, and Member of the Miami Solid Waste Committee.

I am a graduate of Kansas State College, Pittsburg (PSU). I am retired from the United States Department of the Interior-Indian Affairs, where I served as an Environmental Protection Specialist. I am currently a Deputy Sheriff with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office.

I have dedicated my entire adult life to public service. I believe that transparency in government is important at all levels. I believe that I am not swayed by popular opinion in my decision making as a city council member, as I have been the single opposing vote in many important situations. I believed that the Miami City Council should serve, and represent its citizens, without regard for popularity or social status.

I believe that the City of Miami has several pressing issues that need to be addressed now, and in the near future. Economic Growth and Development is key in maintaining the city, and providing for citizens. The city government is tasked with providing opportunities for Economic Growth, and needs to do so wisely. Taxation and spending is also vital in these areas, as both can become uncontrolled and have adverse effects on local economy. I believe in wise, common sense spending, and providing a tax comfortable environment for consumers, and businesses.

Completion of the repair, and resurfacing of the city streets is also an important issue. Citizens of Miami voted to increase sale tax to have decent, well-maintained streets to drive on in the city. I believe that proper oversight should be vital, to ensure that citizen tax money is properly spent on the city streets.

I also feel that the several tort claims, which have been recently filed against the city and some of its employees, should be a signal that city management, along with the city council should look at the policies and practices, which resulted in these claims. Responsibility for avoiding such claims falls on all levels of city management, and steps should be taken to prevent such claims in the future.

My vision for the future of the City of Miami is that of a government which works for its people. Neither popular opinion, nor political pressure should enter in the decision making process of city leaders. This will hopefully lead to a strong unified city, which can move forward, and prosper in modern society.