Gov. Brad Henry and legislative leaders in the House and Senate will be receiving a shipment of Cocaine this week _ the energy drink, not the illegal drug.

State Rep. Mike Shelton said the product's marketing, which includes a Web site listed on the side of the can, is “clearly designed” to use drug imagery to appeal to youth.

“If we think a camel smoking cigarettes will lead to increased tobacco use, what kind of message does it send young people to call an energy drink 'Cocaine'?” asked Shelton, D-Oklahoma City. “This is an insulting and irresponsible marketing ploy.”

The drink has been criticized nationally, but Shelton said he was appalled to learn it is still being sold in Oklahoma, having witnessed two teenage boys buy the product this weekend.

Shelton is sending a can of Cocaine to the governor and the leaders of the state House and Senate to increase awareness of the product's marketing. He plans to seek legislation this year that would outlaw similar marketing ploys.

“Even if only one store in Oklahoma sells this product, that's one store too many,” Shelton said.