The Spring River bridge on Oklahoma Highway 10 east of Miami is one of two bridges in Ottawa County to be reviewed for structural integrity, according to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

The other bridge, an Interstate 44 project of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, will be reviewed as well as a nationwide effort is under way to evaluate all bridges of the deck-truss design - a design that failed last week when a Minnesota bridge collapsed during rush-hour traffic.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation's only deck-truss bridge in Ottawa County spans Spring River and is set for review in coming days, according to ODOT officials.

The bridge was last repaired in October of 2006, according to ODOT spokesperson Cole Hackett who said that those repairs significantly improved the bridge's rating.

However, in 2005, prior to the repairs, the bridge was deemed “structurally deficient” and received a sufficiency rating of 18.4 percent.

According to inspection reports, bridge repairs improved the deck condition from “critical” to “fair” and bumped the span's sufficiency rating to 65.4 percent.

“It is no longer considered structurally deficient,” Hackett said. “But, the bridge will still be looked at again.”

Hackett said the state department, after reviewing the state's deck-truss bridges, will begin to review Oklahoma's 65 fracture critical bridges. Those bridges, by design, could wholly collapse if one element of the bridge fails.

It is not known how many fracture critical bridges are in Ottawa County.