City administrators announced Wednesday that Todd Chenoweth, a seasoned Miami detective, will take on the role of assistant police chief.

“For the past couple of weeks Chief (Gary) Anderson and I have been conducting interviews for the position,” said Tim Wilson, interim city manager.

Wilson made the decision over the holiday weekend and formally extended the an offer to Chenoweth, an 18-year veteran of the Miami Police Department.

Chenoweth accepted the offer Wednesday.

Chenoweth, who is a lifelong resident of Welch, has spent the past 12 years as a detective in the investigation department.

“We had three resumes submitted for the position,” Anderson said. “All three men are top-notch applicants so there were a lot of things considered in choosing one.”

In addition to Chenoweth, Thomas Anderson, a 12-year veteran, and Philip Brice, a 16-year veteran, were also considered for the appointed position.

“Chenoweth has advanced law enforcement certification through the state of Oklahoma and is certified in all three levels of crime scene investigation through the state of Missouri," Anderson said.

The appointment was the first Wilson participated in for the city since being appointed as the interim city manager.

“When considering a candidate for this position, I was thinking about someone who could advance into the chief’s position,” Wilson said.

Wilson said the fact that Chenoweth has served in so many capacities within the department made him the most likely candidate for the position.

“Gary has a reputation for running a tight ship,” Wilson said. “Todd will compliment his management style.”

As assistant police chief, Chenoweth will supervise the detective division of the department.

He said Wednesday that he is honored to accept the position.

“The city has been good to me,” Chenoweth said. “I’ve come to know a lot of the business owners and residents of Miami and I am glad I can give back to the city. It’s a good place to work.”

In addition to law enforcement, Chenoweth has served in many emergency capacities. He recently retired from the Welch Volunteer Fire Department after 25 years of service.

Chenoweth graduated from Welch High School and received his associate degree in business management at Northeastern A&M in 1983.

“We have a lot of good officers — a lot of highly qualified officers in Miami,” Chenoweth said. “It’s a pleasure to get to work with the officers we have. I’ve worked hand-in-hand with these people and I would put our detective division up against one of a bigger city any day.”

The position became vacant when former assistant chief Jeff Coble retired and accepted a position in Ada with the Council on Law Enforcement Education Training (CLEET)

Coble worked for the City of Miami for more than 25 years when he announced his retirement in July.