The Harbor has a new home - and it is paid for.

Final payment was made earlier this month thanks to the generosity of the building's former owner, Jim Land.

"Jim Land brought us some turkeys for Thanksgiving," said the Rev. Phil Shyers, pastor of Apostolic Assembly and director of The Harbor. "I told him we were almost ready to make the final payment of $62,000 which was due Dec. 18.

"He asked how short were we and I told him about $4,000.

"Land said not to quibble about it and let's just go ahead and close - which we did earlier this month for $58,000."

The initial contract for the building, that formerly housed "The Tree House" on the Truck Route in Miami, was signed in August with a down payment of $43,000.

The Harbor was displaced from its former location in Eastgate by last summer's flood.

Shyers' church, Apostolic Assembly, has provided shelter for the homeless ever since.

After looking at many buildings, The Harbor's administrators decided to purchase "The Tree House."

"It is almost twice as big as our old building and about one third the cost of several others," Shyers said.

Shyers stressed that the new building, which is out of the flood zone, has passed inspections by the city's building inspector and the fire department.

"Now we have to get the building functional," Shyers said.

Before the new building may be used to house the homeless, major renovations must be made.

Several groups of volunteers, from the Methodist and Mennonite churches, with backrounds in the building repair trades are scheduled to come assist with the renovations.

"We had to empty the bank account to close on the building," Shyers said. "We now need to start raising money to get the building fixed. It will take at least $10,000 to $15,000 for the materials to get the renovations started."

The new building will need to have its plumbing reworked and rooms created.

"I want to thank everyone who made contributions toward the purchase of our new building," Shyers said. "Some gave $10, others gave $1,000. We're grateful for every donation."