Members of the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts learned about how the state water plan, water quality monitoring and flood control dam safety at the association's recent state meeting in Midwest City.

OACD is an independent organization that promotes natural resource conservation through various activities and functions. The meeting was cosponsored by the Oklahoma Conservation Commission.

State Sen. Ron Justice, Rep. Phil Richardson and J.D. Strong, executive director of the Oklahoma Water Resources board, spoke in a session explaining how the recently-completed Oklahoma Water Plan came about and the role played by members of the state's conservation community in providing input.

Other sessions included topics on water quality monitoring and flood control dam safety.

The theme of the meeting, Branding Conservation, focused attention on methods conservation districts can use to raise awareness of the roles they play in local natural resources management.

The Monday morning opening general session was kicked off with a talk and presentation entitled,“Don't Fear Change.”Glidden is the owner and operator of Tiger Mountain Ranch Resort located in Henryetta. Recently she founded Tiger Mountain Recovery, a center for treatment and rehabilitation for people suffering from substance addictions. The center treats men and women as outpatient clients, and offers residential treatment for women.

Ottawa County Conservation District directors attending the meeting included: Dennis Beard, chair; Justin Miller, vice-chair and Lyndon McKibben. Employees attending the meeting were Shirley Hudson, district secretary and Steven Davied, district conservationist, NRCS.