A methamphetamine lab, actively in the process of cooking the illegal drug, was found at 1810 C Street NE in Miami late Tuesday morning one block from Washington Elementary School.

Police have not yet released the name of the renter of the house.

Miami Police Officer Mark Byfield, Detective Todd Hicks and Ottawa County's Drug Task Force Officer Rocky Ferdig went to the house on C Street NE after receiving a tip that suspicious activity was taking place in a shed on the property. The officers had also received reports of concern for the well-being of a 5-year-old child that lived in the home.

Upon the officers' arrival and attempts to make contact with the residents, one suspect ran from a nearby shed into the house holding a reaction vessel actively in the meth cooking process.

This was a highly dangerous situation, according to Hicks and Ferdig, who said the vessel could have exploded at any time in this stage of the meth production process.

Several more reaction vessels were found inside the shed and on the property as well as ingredients and items used to manufacture methamphetamine.

The officers were working to process, neutralize and clean the meth lab up wearing protective gas masks and rubber gloves to guard against the toxic substance.

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