The Route 66 Music Tour helps to provide a renewed and much needed emphasis on Route 66, not just as a local and state nostalgic historic highway, with irreplaceable attractions and landmarks, but as a national treasure and interactive, ever changing "Main Street USA" monument to be appreciated by many people throughout the entire United States of America.

The 2011 Fall Edition of the Route 66 Music Tour stars the Mark Cross Band from Southern California and will begin in Chicago, during September and will cover over 2400 miles in eight states, while stopping for concert performances in over twenty Route 66 towns. The Route 66 Music Tour even has its own theme song, which is performed by tour bands at each concert.

Baxter Springs has a proud and extraordinary heritage on Route 66 and has appropriately been selected to be a ROUTE 66 MUSIC TOUR concert host town. The Mark Cross Band will be performing their "family friendly" energetic music at the Baxter Springs High School Auditorium on Sunday, Sept. 25th, beginning at 2 pm. Tickets are $10 each and are available at the Auditorium door, at time of the concert. This concert will be the first concert in Kansas for the Mark Cross Band. For more information about the concert, please contact the Kansas Historic Route 66 Association at telephone (620) 856-2385. For more information about the Mark Cross Band, visit the band's website:

Two objectives of the The Route 66 Music Tour are 1.) to unite all of the towns, large and small, which are located along Route 66, in celebrating being a part of the entire span of the historic "Mother Road" and 2.) to attract new interest from family members of all ages, who may not, otherwise, have heard of or experienced a Route 66 event. The Tour's official website is:


Mark Cross Band is comprised of Singer- Songwriter Mark Cross (Lead Vocals & Guitar), John Butzer (Guitar), Hunter Van Dam (Bass) and Kevin Lopez (Drums). Before the high school classmates joined together to compose and perform music, as a Band, Mark Cross performed as a solo act and was promoted as Mark Cross Band. On occasion, Mark still performs as an acoustic artist, even during Band concerts. In addition to performing new songs, the Mark Cross Band has re-arranged some of Mark's original acoustic songs into full, four-piece Band songs. The Band's "sound and style" can best be described as Alternative Soft Rock, which, of course, is very popular and quite inspiring music for audiences of all ages.

Four Albums in Four Months! During months of June, July and August in 2011, the Mark Cross Band recorded a studio album and a Hollywood concert album. During August of 2011, Mark recorded an acoustic album. In early September of 2011, prior to beginning the Route 66 Music Tour, the Mark Cross Band recorded a concert album in Southern California. All four albums will be released by November of this year.

The Mark Cross Band tours often and performs many concerts throughout the year. For additional information about the Mark Cross Band, visit the band's official website:

Mark Cross grew up Ventura County, just north of Los Angeles, in Southern California. He graduated from Moorpark High School in 2011. As a youngster, Mark was raised with a family who loved nothing more than to listen to and play music, while doing artist-inspiring and creative activities, such as making comic books and collages. His musical influences included classic rock artists, such as Rush and Journey and newer artists, such as Jack Johnson and John Mayer.

When Mark turned 10, he received his first bass guitar from his dad. He instantly fell in love with the idea of being able to create his own music. At the age of 16, Mark received an acoustic guitar for Christmas and composed his first song, "Float Away." From that time forward, he knew that one his great loves would be to write and perform music. He immediately attracted attention, as a singer-songwriter, in his hometown.

Mark continued to write music, whenever he had spare moments from his school studies. On one occasion, he completed five new songs in only one month. During 2010, at the age of 17, he recorded and distributed his first acoustic demo disk. By the end of that year, Mark had attracted notice from executives in the nearby Los Angeles-based music industry. Encouraged by positive responses, he connected with some music students, at his high school, to develop and transform his acoustic songs into "band songs." The thrills and pleasures of performing his music with a band, in front of festival and concert venue audiences, became immensely inspiring to him. In mid- 2011, he caught the attention of a Hollywood music producer and production team, who have quickly accelerated his career. While still at the age of 18 for the remainder of 2011, he and his Mark Cross Band mates (two of whom are 17 years of age) are aggressively recording music (four albums in four months) and are touring nationally. One tour, during September and October of 2011, will cover thousands of miles through eight states, with concert stops in over 25 towns.

Mark says that he has a very optimistic view of life and believes that every thing happens for benefiting and life-teaching reasons. He says he also believes that any goal, no matter how difficult and challenging, can be reached by most any individual, as long as that person has" unshakable self belief, works hard and does not give up." While some people may be discouraged at times, he believes that a person's willpower and determination can push a dream forward into an accomplishment. Following the philosophy and perspective of 20th century American icon and humorist,Will Rogers, Mark believes that everyone has a good side, as long as you are willing to know that it exists. He tries to be at peace and calm, no matter how stressful situations become, at times, and sincerely enjoys talking to people at most any time, any where.

When Mark is not playing music, he enjoys hanging out with his friends, going to the beach, surfing, playing baseball, and creating home videos. In his interviews, Mark emphasizes that he is very grateful of his opportunities to record, perform and tour and encourages fans, who come out to see any of his shows, to stay and talk with him afterwards. Meeting new people and discussing a variety of subjects are two of his many joys and passions, so he hopes that fans and supporters will feel welcome to meet and talk with him, when he comes to perform in their towns. He says he is a "fan of his fans" and loves to hear about their life dreams and journeys-- interests and stories, he says, that he and his fans will always be able to share.