An increase in the distribution of narcotics is keeping the county's drug enforcement task force busy.

Last week, several charges were filed against area residents who law enforcement officials say sold drugs to confidential informants.

Arrests include:

Leroy T. “Roy” Thomas, 28, of Miami. He is charged with delivery of cocaine.

Michelle Davine Logan, 29, of Miami. She is charged with delivery of Methamphetamine.

Jack Hector Riley, 42, of Quapaw. He is charged with delivery of marijuana.

Authorities made arrangements in April through a confidential informant to purchase a half-gram of cocaine from Thomas.

Task force officers set up surveillance in Miami, where where a deal was to be made.

Using visual and audio surveillance, authorities witnessed Thomas deliver cocaine to the informant in exchange for $50.

Logan was charged after selling $100 worth of Methamphetamine to a narcotics agent at her home. She is facing two years to life in prison.

In 2001, Logan was sentenced to two years in prison for first-degree burglary and bail jumping.

Riley is facing charges for selling marijuana to an undercover officer in January.

According to court records, arrangements were made to meet with Riley at his residence, in Quapaw. When the officer arrived, Riley was in his yard.

Authorities say he approached the vehicle and exchanged a baggie of marijuana for $30.