District Attorney Eddie Wyant filed a bill of particulars in Delaware County Tuesday seeking the death penalty in the state's case against Mark Henry Thurman.

Thurman, 24, is scheduled to enter a plea on Aug. 21 to charges that he murdered his father on the afternoon of Nov. 29, 2005.

The body of Bob Thurman was found fatally shot in his Grove home just days after Mark Thurman was released from a Missouri prison.

“His intent was not just to kill his father, but the mother of his 5-year-old child and the 5-year-old child too,” Wyant said.

According to Wyant, Thurman admitted that he invited the mother of his 5-year-old child, Crystal Schaeffer, and their son over to his parent's house with the intent of killing the entire family.

“He didn't expect his father to be home so early that day which caused him to expedite his plans,” Wyant said. “He was only able to kill his father before fleeing the residence.”

Based on the aggravating circumstances, Wyant said the death penalty is warranted if Thurman is convicted of first-degree murder.

“He said he was going to kill his whole family and just keep killing as he wanted to be the next ‘Chainsaw Massacre' or ‘Natural Born Killer,'” Wyant said. “There is great probability that, if given a chance to complete his initial plans that he had on the day he killed his father, the lives of both Crystal Schaeffer and her son would be in severe danger, as well as other innocent and unsuspecting members of society.”

Last week, Thurman walked away from the Delaware County Jail while trustees were picking up trays from the evening meal.

He was apprehended 30 minutes later, after a Jay resident reported to authorities that a man walked across his yard in orange pants but wearing no shoes or shirt.