The City of Fairland is under scrutiny by the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation after a recent audit revealed thousands of dollars may be missing from municipal funds, according to state officials.

District Attorney Eddie Wyant said he asked OSBI to conduct an in-depth investigation after he was notified of a possible embezzlement of funds.

“There are allegations that money is missing from one of the city’s accounts,” Wyant said. “But, it’s unclear exactly how much money is missing.”

Bill Turner, the city’s auditor, said between $5,000 and $10,000 may be missing.

Turner conducted an audit of the city’s accounts from July 2006 to June 2007, but a copy of that audit will not be available until after the Fairland Board of Trustees approves it next Thursday.

According to OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown, investigators will have to go through records for the past several years to determine how much money is missing and who may be responsible for its absence.

“That’s all we can really say while the investigation is ongoing,” Brown said.

Fairland Mayor Gerald Tipton and board members Charles Goad, Charles Griffin, Bill Kerns and Launi Cassinelli refused to comment, referring all questions to the OSBI.

Fairland Police Chief Wes Sly said his office is not participating in the investigation and he was not aware of the situation until investigators arrived in town.

Sly said his department is not suspected in the alleged embezzlement.