A Grove man has died of what authorities say are injuries sustained in a Tuesday auto accident.

Floyd B. Tracy, 71, suffered internal injuries and died at a Joplin, Mo., hospital.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Tracy was attempting to drive a van down an ice-covered hill northwest of Grove Tuesday afternoon.

Troopers say the vehicle left the road and traveled about 176 feet with the tires off the roadway. The van struck a culvert and traveled 44 feet before coming to a rest in a ditch.

At the time of the accident Tracy didnít appear to have any injuries, according to authorities. He walked from the accident down the county road until a passerby picked him up and took him home.

Later, authorities say, Tracy went to a neighborís house complaining that he didnít feel well. He was taken to a nearby hospital and transported to Joplin by ambulance.

Tracy reportedly had injuries that were not apparent at the time of the accident.