Recognizing a violation of the Open Meeting Act, county officials withdrew an amendment to Monday's Ottawa County Commission meeting.

As a result, matters regarding a proposed interlocal agreement between Ottawa and Delaware Counties will be taken up at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

In a last-minute attempt to add the action item to Monday's agenda, the commission changed the time of Monday's regularly scheduled 9 a.m. meeting to 9:45 a.m. and posted an amended agenda.

Oklahoma law requires that any change in time, date or place of a regularly scheduled meeting be provided to the county clerk no less than 10 days prior to the implementation of the change.

Commissioners recognized the error, scheduled a special meeting for Wednesday to discuss the interlocal agreement and reverted to the properly posted 9 a.m. agenda.

If approved Wednesday, the agreement will allow Ottawa County Jail to provide correctional services to Delaware County - a service that will help to alleviate overcrowding in the neighboring county's jail and help county officials there avoid legal action threatened by the state.

The proposed agreement would allow Delaware County to rent space for 20 inmates in Ottawa County for three years.

In exchange, Ottawa County will cease to house Department of Correction inmates - currently housed separately from county jail inmates - and replace them with Delaware County inmates.

Ottawa County currently has a contract with the Department of Corrections to house DOC inmates for $31.50 per inmate, per day.

The proposed plan, approved last month by Delaware County commissioners, requires Delaware County to pay $32.50 per day to house each inmate.

Durborow said last week that removing DOC inmates from the county jail will allow Ottawa and Delaware inmates to be housed together.

According to District Attorney Eddie Wyant, if Delaware County shows 30 days of proper jail occupancy, the state will withdraw legal action.

“The agreement is one step closer to solving the problem,” Wyant said. “Before this plan is implemented, Delaware County voters have to agree on a one-tenth of a percent sales tax increase.”

Delaware County commissioners have prepared a ballot question and approved the sales tax request to be set before voters on Jan. 13.