Want anything done? Just ask Jim Shlosser, a long-time volunteer at the Ottawa County Community Clinic. 

Very few nights has anyone been treated at the clinic since its inception, that they would not have seen Shlosser there doing vitals, helping check folks in, repairing equipment, putting a new water bottle on the dispenser, helping Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College nursing students become oriented to our facility.

Whatever needs to be done, Shlosser is a real "go-to" guy. In fact, folks who regularly help at the clinic can't remember Shlosser having missed being there more than three times since 2002.

He did miss one week way back there when he had to have foot surgery but was back the next week - even when he had to come in a wheelchair.

Shlosser's help knows no bounds when it comes to the clinic.

When the clinic moved to its current location, it was Shlosser who willingly disassembled and moved the benches and handicapped parking signs that were outside at the old clinic to the new location.

He has been known to "fill in" on Tuesday nights giving out medicine when the regular coordinator is out, helping with the city-wide clean-up representing the clinic, assisting with the United Way "Taste of Ottawa County" every year, and constantly recruiting new volunteers. Back in the "old days," he even delivered medicine to patients who couldn't come in to get it.

Not only has Shlosser donated generously of his time, but he is always securing needed items on the internet or at garage sales or auctions.

Some of the most memorable items have been insulin needles and strips for patient use, a FAX machine, which we used for quite some time, chart folders, computer/printer cartridges, even machines for doing vitals during the early days of clinic operation.

It goes without saying why the Ottawa County Community Clinic is proud to present our first "Volunteer of the Year Award" to Jim Shlosser.