COMMERCE — Commerce students are getting revved up for education.

Friday, a team of seasoned educators will roll into town with an exciting message about how to get on the fast track for success - bringing with them a 5,000 horsepower, nitro-methane drinking, fire breathing monster.

“Team Thunder,” a top fuel dragster, will visit Commerce Elementary for a demonstration on the importance of education. The event is sponsored by the Bargain Center.

“Sam Parton and his crew will deliver a unique message focusing on making good choices and understanding how math, science, technology, language arts an other subjects are applied to the real world,” said Jeff Totty, a public relations official with Bargain Center.

As life-long Oklahoma teachers, Sam Parton and Jerry Porter have witnessed the need for students to be able to relate knowledge gained in the classroom to real life situations. The dragster crew said they “strongly believe” that students in Oklahoma and surrounding states can benefit from the motivational aspects and hands-on experiences provided through their organization.

“Team Thunder instills students with the desire to learn and to reach their highest potential,” Parton said.

Team Thunder owns and operates a National Hot Rod Association (NHRA)-style top fuel dragster.

Students learn aerodynamics, laws of motion, pneumatics, computer applications, volumes, ratios and numerous other lessons.

On Saturday, Team Thunder will return to Ottawa County for the annual free fair. Parton and his crew will deliver the same message to fair-goers at 6:15 p.m. at the entrance to the fairground, prior to the start of the demolition derby.