COMMERCE - A motion to remove Lisa Craghead's name as a city signatory died on the Commerce City Council table Wednesday.

A subsequent motion to appoint a deputy city clerk met the same end as both were denied a second supporting vote.

Craghead, who resigned from her position of Commerce City Clerk and then rescinded the resignation within hours, was the topic of executive session discussion but no formal announcement of her status was declared after the council emerged from behind closed doors.

City attorney Erik Johnson said he considers Craghead to currently be categorized as a former clerk, but that consideration of her letter rescinding her resignation could come back before the council of the members so choose.

Regarding the matter of the signatory on city checks, Johnson said Craghead's name has already been removed.

Johnson said he learned after Wednesday's meeting that councilwoman Lena Enochs had alerted the bank of Craghead's resignation and had her name removed from the list of city signatories.

Enochs' failed motion to remove Craghead as a city signatory was made after the fact, Johnson confirmed.

Enochs also led the failed effort to appoint a new deputy clerk - a position which the city eliminated in August of 2007.

At that time, the city released deputy city clerk Heather Gaines and announced that it did not have the money to retain the position.