I am Neal Johnson running for Councilman of Ward 3. It has been both enjoyable and educational going door to door getting the opportunity to meet and visit with the citizens, As I stated before in the News-Record, I was raised in Miami graduating from MHS in 1975. Upon transferring to Tuscaloosa after the BF Goodrich plant closing, and retiring, I chose to come back home. Being retired allows the flexibility and the time to perform my council duties.

The most important question asked of me is: Why do I want to be a councilman and why do I think there needs to be change? A few years ago I became interested in local government and started regularly attending council meetings, also accepting and currently serving on the City Planning Commission and Street Oversight Committee. During this time I have seen some positive aspects to our city government and some areas that are somewhat negative.

I believe Miami is at a crossroads, a community is either going forward or backwards it can't stay the same. I know the council will disagree at times on an issue, it concerns me that there appears to be a lack of unity amongst our council.

To create a positive image of Miami and enable our city to compete the council must be unified. If elected my pledge to our citizens is doing everything I can to once again make our council a team to make Miami a better place to live. I will always base my stance on an issue on what is best for our community. I would be honored to serve as your councilman.Thank You- Neal W. Johnson